Blogging about an event

Symbol of a bloggerThe blog is probably one of the Internets most important innovations. It has made it possible for anyone to reach out to a crowd with their own platform. Blogs can take many shapes, they can be hosted for free at places like Tumblr or Blogger, or they can be built upon professional platforms like WordPress or Drupal. The former gives more options to configure your blog, while the free alternatives gets you going in just a few minutes.

How to start

If you are new to blogging, you might want to try if it’s something that fits you well. You can start out with a free platform, and later on, move over to your own, self hosted one. If you chose to start a blog at, this is really easy. and (note the different domains) are two different things. is a company that works with the WordPress platform, but it is separated from that is the actual platform. offers a free and fast hosting of a blog, but with limited functions. If you start there, but feel the lack of functions are restricting you from doing what you want, it’s very easy to export all posts that you made, and import them to a self hosted platform.

If you want to read about other free blogging platforms, the site Creative Bloq has made a top ten list: have a great guide to get started with their platform:

Start blogging

Think of a blog post as a page in a magazine. The more dynamic content you use, the more appealing will it be for your readers. Blogs have very few restrictions. You can write long, add images, embed audio, show videos, link to related content and much more. Always try to deliver the best experience that is possible for your readers. It’s not required, but it is strongly recommended that all blog posts have their own featured image. The image, except for being nice, will be shown when people share you blog posts, bringing more attention to your blog.

Always make sure that the grammar is correct. Just because it is a blog there is no excuse for notĀ putting work in your writing.

Bloggin from Almedalen

While attending an event in Almedalen, you might want to type while you listen. If you are not a blazing fast writer, there are some tips and tricks that helps you put down what is said.

  • Just type. While you are at the event, you need to simultaneously listen and write, and that can be hard. Do not bother about formatting or structure when you write, just put down the words that you hear. See it as a draft that you can go back to later on to adjust and then format to the final post.
  • Record. You can use your phone or your computer to record what is said. By doing that, you can focus more at the event, rather than on what you write. By doing this, you need to set aside some time afterwards to go through your recording instead. Also make sure you sit down close to a speaker, so the microphone picks up the audio.
  • Talk to the participants. Did you miss something? When the event is over, head over to the stage and have a chat with the persons you are interested in. If you are lucky, they could send over some of their information like data, charts, quotes or even possible slides that they have shown.
  • Look at others. If you are not in a rush, and don’t need to publish your post before anyone else, you could wait for some hours or a day and see what others have written. Maybe another blogger have a perspective that you missed, or writes something else that will help you form your text.

Shoot a video

As described in the video guide, try to shoot a video from the event. You have the chance to create exclusive material by approaching a person at the event and ask if you can a short interview. Prepare some questions in advance, use your headset as a microphone and record.

Mix all media

When you have written your text, upload images from the event, this gives the reader a better feel of the event. Embed any video that you made as well. Create a palette of different types of media to really grab the attention of your reader.

Spread the word

It does not matter how great your blog post is, if no one reads it. When you have finalized it, make sure to spread it through all channels that you control. Also mention people who you have met at the event, as well as participants on the event. If someone requested you to report from the event, don’t forget to mention that person as well. Read more about this in the Social Media guide.