How to do?

Live stream your event

streamIt’s really not as hard as you might believe. Of course, there are several ways to set up a live stream, but the fastest, cheapest and easiest way is by using your smart phone. Get an account on and register for the basic package for 45 dollar a month. Then download the Bambuser app to your smartphone, enter your credentials, and start streaming. Now you are set, you have a live stream. There are several ways to enhance this experience for the viewers, so read our live streaming guide.

How to live stream an event.

Film and edit your video material

It’s great that you have chosen to live stream your event, but there is also a great value in editing the material. Seminars can be very long, but if you go through the material and pick some part that you think can be extra interesting for your audience, you can get more people to see and engage in your topic. Editing video can be done on most computers, and even on smart phones, so take a look at our editing guide.

How to edit video material.

Use social media to talk about it

tweetSocial media has made it possible for anyone to be a publisher and distributor of information, and you can use this during an event. By writing updates on Twitter or Facebook, or taking pictures that are uploaded to Instagram, you can reach an broad audience with you information. There are several ways to do this, so take a look at our guide for social media.

Social media publishing

Report from your event through a blog

Blogging gives more room for a more detailed and thorough reporting from an event. The strength lies in summarizing what is important, identify key messages and do an analysis of what have been said. But a blog also makes it possible to combine text, audio, film and images, to create a complete package for the reader. More about this in our guide about blogging.

How to blog from an event.