LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals. You connect with the people you meet through work, and your resume is the foundation of your public profile. That’s why the tonality is most often very strict and cleaned up. There is very little room for images of cute kittens.

The two, most common way for people to see other people’s updates are the update flow on the Home tab where posts from connections are feeded, or through groups. You can also go into a users page and the all the recent activity from that person’s account, but many people avoid that since you can always see who visited your profile. People don’t like to reveal that they took a look at you.

Groups is really strong on Facebook. There is a group for almost all professions, and the expertise is often high level. It is not uncommon with long discussions regarding a topic.

LinkedIn as a platform is growing in Sweden, but it’s still the upcomer. More and more people do log in, but there is still an uncertainty on how to act on the social network. This means many people still hold back a little before getting in discussions and sharing links. Some people also think LinkedIn is a bit unintuitive and do not understand the interface.

Regardless of this, it is probably a good idea to spread updates about Almedalen on LinkedIn. The target group is often relevant and people will read things, even though they might not always indicate that they did so.

Also: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook