Video guides

Video is a great way to show someone else what is happening. It contains motion, audio, colors and most important of all, it shows human emotions. It is much easier to describe a feeling in a video, than trying to type it out in text.

By default, video is pretty bad for someone with impaired hearing or vision, but there are some tricks you can do to make your broadcast more accessible. If you broadcast through a video mixer, you can add a simultaneous interpreter that tells the story for viewers that appreciate the form of communication. A simultaneous interpreter will listen to what is said, and translate that into sign language. If you are broadcasting a talk, a great help is to deliver a transcript of it to the interpreter beforehand, so the person can prepare in a good way. For debates and discussions, these preparations can be hard to achieve, but make sure to keep an dialogue about the topic and go through the jargon.

Some companies also work with live closed captioning. Take a look at production company WeStreamU that conducted a project in 2010 together with the Swedish Disability Federation and the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency

Also make sure to prioritize audio over the visuals. Most broadcasts from Almedalen contains people discussing different matter, and most often, you do not need to see what is actually happening. But you do need to hear it or read it. Make sure to invest in a good microphone and put some extra time in getting the audio right.

Filming an event or happening takes almost no effort, just grab your smart phone and start shooting.

In this section, you can find guides explaining how to do a live stream and how to do a recording. Both ways have their own pros and cons, so read the guides before you make your choice.

Live streaming guide
It may seem hard to set up a live stream from an event, but the entry level is actually low. What you need is a camera, a microphone, an internet connection and a platform for the live stream.

Editing video footage
If you have recorded video material from an event, you might want to edit this a little and pick out the most important parts that has been said.