What is #openalmedalen?


In short: This web page want to help visitors in Visby during the Almedalen week to livestream, blog, tweet and post in social media from the events that they attend. The guides on openalmedalen.se will give basic instructions on different methods. People that are not in Almedalen can use the request system to put an notice on this web page that they want to see an event. These requests are shown publicly, and anyone in Almedalen can chose to respond to a request and report from the event.

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The longer version: Many people can’t join the Almedalen Week, even though they would like to. By streaming, tweeting, blogging and shooting photos, you can make a difference. If the visitors themselves help with opening up events, they can help to make the Almedalen Week a more democratic happening.

The politician week in Almedalen, Visby, is considered an open and democratic event, where everyone is welcome. This is true in theory, but there are many obstacles for people who wishes to attend. Some of these obstacles are:

  • Financial
    Taking a boat to Visby during the politician week is not expensive per se, but the cost of staying there is. It’s common that a bed costs up to 10 000 SEK for the week. Added to that are expenses for food and other necessities.
  • Geography
    Visby is located on Gotland, which is an island. To get there you have to go by boat or flight. If you reside in eastern Sweden, this is not very far, but if you live on the west coast or northern Sweden, the trip to Almedalen can be pretty hard.
  • The language
    Most events during the politician week are in Swedish, which excludes a lot of people from engaging in the happenings. The level of the language is often advanced, and if you are aren’t used to high level political lingo, you might have a hard time to follow.
  • Inaccessible for people with physical challenges
    Visby is an old, medieval, town. Most of the streets are made of cobblestone. The houses are also old, meaning they lack elevators, stairs are narrow and thresholds might be high. This makes it difficult and sometimes impossible even for people with physical challenges to move around.

openalmedalen-pointer-logoWe want to take a step towards solving these problems. Since it’s not possible to move or rebuild Visby to a new location, the second best is to share the events from Visby, or bring in external attendance to Visby during the political week. This can be done in several ways, thanks to the digital opportunities. We want to give you examples, guidance and support in how you can do this, regardless if you are an organizer who wishes to share – or a visitor who can’t make it there, but still would like to join the conversation.

This is what you can do!